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control rooms

UHD Direct View LED screens
We supply UHD Direct View LED screens specifically for control rooms, broadcasting studios, boardrooms and lobbies. LED screens with a very fine pixel pitch that make it possible to display high resolutions (2K and 4K) on smaller displays.

These screens are excellent because they reproduce an even colour, display a seamless picture, have a very wide viewing angle, and show the full colour spectrum. Direct View LED screens do not cause tired eyes. The screens are fully redundant and therefore suitable for 24/7 use.
The display will work under any circumstances.

Source processing
For LED screens to function optimally, high-end source processing is essential. The supplied processors have DVI inputs for connecting sources. HD video sources can be connected directly to the DVI inputs.

All control rooms use network- or hardware-based source processing to simultaneously display images from many sources and streams in the desired aspect ratio. We will always try to find out what the best solution is for your particular project and your particular purpose.